Chainworm Kommando // About

Chainworm Kommando
is a PWAD for Doom II, containing 10 new highly detailed single player maps, mostly inspired by first person shooter classics of the 90s.

Chainworm Kommando requires a limit removing source port of the ZDoom family (ZDoom, GZdoom or Zandronum) in to play.

Of course it is fully compatible with Brutal Doom!


- Every level can be beaten with a pistol start.

- I'm not sure how I came up with the name. I'm using the nickname "Chainworm" (or it's variant Chainworm666) on the internet for about 15 years now, and for some reason I called my first website "Chainworm Commando" in 2002. I guess it's influenced by one of my favourite movies, Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger (called "Phantom Kommando" in Germany). Later I renamend my page simply to "", but I never stopped to like the original title, so I decided to use it again. Spelling it "Kommando" instead of "Commando" was a mistake by AcidicVoid by the way, who did the logo, but I decided to keep it.

- Originally I planned to only make small, but detailed maps like in the Ultimate Doom Episode 4 Thy Flesh Consumed or other PWADs like Scythe and Congestion 1024. While the first 2-3 maps follow this plan, every map following got larger and larger.

Trivia and infos (please select map)
Map 01: Hillside Base
Map 02: Underground Labs
Map 03: Freight Yard
Map 04: Totenwald
Map 05: Wolfskuhlen
Map 06: Budberg Crypts
Map 07: The Portal
Map 08: Dh'ago-bah
Map 09: Winterlingen
Map 10: Hellgrinder