Chainworm Kommando // About: Map04

Map 04: Totenwald
- The name of the map is german and means "forest of the dead" or "forest of death".

- The cabin found in the woods is heavily inspired by the cult classic movies The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II, including the swingset on the porch, the fireplace, the trap door, the tape recorder that starts the demonic invasion and the grave of Ash's girlfriend outside the cabin.

- In the movies, there is also a tool shed, where Ash finds his iconic chainsaw (which inspired id software to include the chainsaw in Doom by the way). In Evil Dead II, he puts his girlfriend's severed, but still alive (or more like, posessed) head in a vise. In the series Ash vs. Evil Dead, which takes place 30 years after the events of the original Evil Dead movies, Ash returns to the cabin, and also finds his girlfriend's skull still inside the vise. This is the inspiration to the tool shed by the cabin in map 04.

- Daisy can be spotted again, this time in a small cave.

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