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Map 05: Wolfskuhlen
Wolfskuhlen really exists! It's an old, abandoned and decayed mansion located in middle-west Germany. The house seems to have a big cult following especially in mystery themed internet forums, and there are tons of horror and ghost stories about it. While I am interested in urban exploration and abandoned old buildings, the house sooner or later got my attention, and in summer 2009, AcidicVoid and myself decided to visit the place. Unfortunately, the pictures I've taken there are mostly crap, because we visited the place at night and I didn't own a good camera back then, but you can clearly see that the map's front was inspired by the real Wolfskuhlen. You can finde some better pictures of the house here:

- One of the stories is, the mansion was once an orphanage, and horrible stuff was done to the children there. It's told, that some children have been walled in alive, and another one is, that a girl has been killed by stringing her up at a window in the second floor. Today, the ghost of the that girl is rumored to appear at that window, and sometimes to leave a candle at that spot. I included this in my map.

- Other rumors revolve about "the red room" found in the basement of the mansion. It's an vaulted cellar, that has been painted completely red, and today there are several graffities, uncluding a lot of satanic images like pentagrams and reversed crosses. Stories tell about black masses and rituals, that have taken place there, and that the room has been filled with sand to hide massive blood stains on the floor. I included that room in my map, but gave it a more "hellish" look; the real room does not look THAT spectacular.

- The chamber following "the red room" is inspired by the short novel The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P. Lovecraft. In that novel, the protagonist becomes obsessed with an ancestor of himself, who was some kind of wizard, and he secretely built some ritual chambers deep below his house.

- Because there is not much more left of the real Wolfskuhlen than the outher walls and some rooms in the basement, and no one really knows, how the interior looked back in the days, I had to come up with some stuff by myself. Because Resident Evil is one of the most influencing games of my youth, large parts of the map are heavily inspired by the Spencer mansion in that game. While it's not intended to be an exact replica, you can still recognize it easily if you know the original. I also included some secrets and puzzles like the location of the map, a crushing ceiling that starts when you pick up a weapon mounted at a wall and the icon at the fireplace.

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