Chainworm Kommando // About: Map08

Map 08: Dh'ago-bah
- The song played in the level is called "Nights beneath a hollow moon" and is, according to it's artist AcidicVoid, inspired by the Amiga game Shadow of the Beast.

- The name of the map is based on the swamp planet Dagobah of the Star Wars universe, but written in some Cthulhu-like way to make the place sound more strange and exotic.

- In the movie The Empire strikes back Luke Skywalker crash lands his X-Wing fighter in the mud. You can find Commander Keen's space ship crash landed in a similar way.

- Design and look of the swamps are influenced by a large outdoor are of the Botanical Gardens of Tübingen (south west Germany) I really enjoyed. Photos taken summer 2016 with my crappy cell phone, so no very good quality.

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