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Map 09: Winterlingen
- The map has been named after the town Winterlingen in south west Germany, because it sounds medieval and really matches the map's theme. Furthermore, in the town there are really some old half-timbered houses (which are still very common in that area, especially in old town centres), and the winters there can be pretty harsh.

- A book that can be found at the market place resembles the Necronomicon in the The Evil Dead movies.

- The tavern "The Sunk'n Norwegian" is titled after a song with the same name by the scottish pirate metal band Alestorm.

- Two posters can be found in the tavern. One is a tour poster of the Heidenfest, where pagan and folk metal bands like Finntroll, Trollfest and Korpiklaani tour parts of europe. I attended the shown concert in 2011. The other poster is a logo of the german thrash metal band Tankard. They almost only sing about beer and drinking, so it fits in pretty well.

- The thermae area is inspired by the Roman Baths in England.

- The sword stuck in the rock at the end of the level is of course inspired by Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur. Try pulling it out of the rock to aquire another legendary weapon!

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