Chainworm Kommando // About: Map10

Map 10: Hellgrinder
- Near the end is a long hallway with pillars, hanging corpses and every weapon of the game laying on the ground to get picked up one by one. In Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, shortly before the final boss, there is a similar scene.

- A courtyard in the middle of the map is inspired by the style of the game Powerslave (knows as Exhumed in europe).

- The final boss fight is inspired by the level Cat and Mouse of Doom64. A simple arena with the boss in the middle and just shooting rockets and plasma is way too boring in my opinion, so I created a more challenging and exciting final fight. With the Cyberdemon warping around the maze, you never really know where he will appear, and hearing him stomp around near you can make you pretty paranoid.

- Originally the title of this map was used for a planned Doom WAD AcidicVoid and me wanted to create; later we used the name for a Quake mod with a similar style. I can't remember why we ceased development, I think most of the data got lost in a computer crash or something.

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